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Sports First Responder

Sports First Responder Training

Firemedix Sports First Responder Training: The only one In British Columbia

Firemedix is proud to announce we have launch our Sports First Responder program. We have had great success working with local sports teams including the Vancouver Canucks to have our First responder program recognized as a sports first responder.


You will receive a EMA First Responder License once completed.



Role of the First Responder, Anatomy and Physiology, Rescue Scene Assessment, Primary Survey, conscious/unconscious choking, artificial respiration, cardiovascular emergencies, AED, deadly bleeding, shock, burns, minor wound care, medical/behavioral emergencies, patient packaging, spinal packaging, first aid kits, enclosed spaces, infectious diseases, bone & joint injuries, chest, abdominal and pelvic injuries, poisons, environmental emergencies, maternity and multi-casualty incidents. 

Dates: nights are from 1800-2200 and days are from 0800-1700


            August  11th night and 12/13 day and August 18 night and 17/18 day


            October 13  night and 14/15 day and October 20 night and 21/22 day
           December 8th  night and 9/10  day and December 15th night and 16/17 day

           January 12th 2018 night and 13/14 day and January 19th 2018 night and 20/21 day
           February 9 2018 night and 10/11 day and February 16 2018 night and 17/18 day

Challenge/Recertification Class:

To be eligible for the challenge/recertification class you must have a valid Sport FR certificate or license, or have a valid OFA 3 certificate or St. Johns Advanced First Responder certificate. Students will attend the second weekend of the class and take the exam on the same day as the full course students. A manual is provided and exams are included in the fee. 













Sport First Responder Certification
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Sports First Responder Recertification $375.00
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