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Ok I have had a few students lately come back from texas and have the frustation of waiting for their seals from Training Division and other online texas schools.

To get your seals from Texas you must show you have completed a 40 hour first aid course.

Here in BC the only course that is recognized in the province is a First Responder license issued from EMA licensing. This counts towards your seals and would highly recommend doing the course prior to go down as it takes time once you are home. Think of this, when you come home from Texas, it may take a month to get into a First Responder course, 2-3 weeks to receive your license and another 4-6 weeks to get your seals. So now you are 2 1/2 to 3 months behind applying and could miss hirings that only occur once a year.

The only caution I have is training division does offer a EMR for $375 but it is not recognized here in BC. There is no avenue to bridge it across to an FR course, so its a $375 dollar donation to Training Division.

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