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How Firemedix helps with event first aid and helps students get patient contacts

Firemedix helped the 55 plus BC Summer games with their first aid coverage. It was a great experience for the guys and an amazing way to get patient contacts. Here is the thank you letter, we received from Shareen the coordinator:

You must be a Saint cause you were the only one to hear my call and you sent me your best Angels! Words cannot express how thankful and grateful I am to have connected with you. I ended up with 50 people and majority of them were from you!! You sent me wonderful, highly-skilled, personable and professional volunteers and they made the games a success for us! I couldn't have done this without you! I received compliments on my team from The President, Directors and other dept volunteers on how amazing they were. They were out there in rain or shine. Even on Saturday, during all that chaos, Kyle and Keagan heard sirens around our building everywhere after coming back from their shift and ran out to see if they could help! It really put into perspective for me what it is you all do! All the volunteers that I spoke to had wonderful things to say about you and how you have inspired them to become something more. They have a lot of respect for you which was very heartwarming to see. With all that you have to deal with these past few months, you still found time to organize a team for me, that alone attests to your wonderful character. Again, thank you so much for sending me your Firemedix referrals. They were amazing, fun, professional and exactly what I needed to get through the games! I'll be sending out volunteer letters out this week. I only just got power back this morning along with my WiFi. Cheers! Shareen Ali 55+ BC Games

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