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First Responder Training, EMR training, Event First Aid coverage, Movie production Medic and firefig

Firemedix is British Columbia's Only firefighter/paramedic owned and operated First Responder and EMR training provider.

Firemedix only employs only licensed firefighter/emr and firefighter/paramedics which brings our training to the highest level possible and allows our students to learn from the best

Our students have a 100% pass rate and a 92% pass rate at EMA licensing first round.

Services Firemedix provides:

First Responder Certification and Recertification

Sports First Responder Certification and Recertification (We are BC's only licensed provider)

Emergency Medical Responder Certification

Emergency Medical Responder Bridging

Event First Aid Coverage

Movie production Medic and Firefighter stand by coverage

Contact us:

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