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Firemedix Is The Only Firefighter And Paramedic Based Training Center In The Lower Mainland.


Make Firemedix your First Responder and EMR training center. Firemedix is the only firefighter and paramedic based training center in the lower mainland. Not only are we EMALB approved as a Licensing Agency; we are the only 1st responder training provider in the lower mainland approved by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection(TCFP).

If you want to be a step ahead of the competition, take your medical training from Firemedix. Since Firemedix opened in 2013, we have had almost 500 success EMR students get licensed. We are also the second largest trainer of First Responders in the Province, training by firefighters for firefighters! 



EMR Briding

Firemedix fr-emr bridging training provides the Occupational First Aid or First Responder with the extra skills to become a licensed Emergency Medical Responder. 

EMR Full Course

We offer a blended First Responder Course/EMR bridging that allows a student to do the full EMR over 4 weekends at a reduced rate. 

First Responder

Firemedix first responder training is a comprehensive course designed for community fire fighters and those individuals most likely to be the first rescuers on the scene of an emergency.

Sports First Responder

We have had great success working with local sports teams including the Vancouver Canucks to have our First responder program recognized as a sports first responder.

CPR C/HCP recert

Have you ever taken a CPR class and been boredor ever done a class with someone who has never done CPR.

Standard First Aid/CPR C

This program provides more comprehensive training in first aid compared to the Emergency First Aid program. 

Emergency First Aid Child Care

First-aid & CPR training is mandatory for child care professionals but unlike most other types of safety training, these skills and knowledge are also applicable to every individual’s daily life. 

Dental CPR C/HCP recert

Firemedix is one of the only first aid company's that provides custom in house dental office CPR recertification. 

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